At the heart of the Global Connections Seminar is the belief that by gathering a diverse group of educators from around the world, each participant will often be exposed to educational initiatives beyond their own country's efforts. To view an outcome log of past seminars, click here.


These Seminars facilitate:

  • National, Regional and Worldwide opportunities for collaborative programs and discussions concerning secondary school interests and issues
  • Reviews of thematic issues such as leadership and team building, environmentalism, uses of technology, and community service
  • The sharing of ideas, information and people
  • Recognition and support of roles and relationships between advantaged and less-advantaged schools globally
  • Collaboration in the planning and outcomes of coordinated programs among like-minded schools worldwide
  • Participation in the future of cross-cultural, school-to-school projects in community service, experiential education or simply exchanges between academic staff and students
  • Coordination between other organizations worldwide such as:

Global Connections is recognized as a not-for-profit entity. As of this date there have been no membership dues or fees required of interested educators. The only payment is for the cost of participation in the annual Seminar, a portion of which also provides funds for the attendance of less-advantaged school leaders and the actual out-of-pocket cost of those convening the Seminar.

Global Connections VIII participants
Visiting a school in Guatemala
Visiting a school in Guatemala

A meeting at GC VIII

Global Connections Seminars

GC 18 Global Connections Seminar XVIII, March 17-25, 2017
GC 17 Global Connections Seminar XVII, January 12-19, 2016
GC 16 Global Connections Seminar XVI, June 21-30, 2014

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