Conference Theme and Other Updates

Dear Global Connections Delegates

In accordance with the traditions of Global Connections the host school gets to choose the theme of the conference. We chose Developing Global Citizens, with the idea of looking at three aspects of this. They are:

  • What competencies do we need to develop in young people that will enable them to lead successful lives in our global village?
  • What knowledge, skills and resources will our teachers require to teach the key global competencies?
  • How can schools best connect with each other to help develop global understanding?

Clearly it is something that has been occupying our thoughts both as national education system and as individual schools.

I compiled a brief reference list of some of the people/books and (for those with limited time) some video clips that have helped inform my thinking.

Travel within New Zealand We have had some enquires about travel within New Zealand either pre or post conference. Please find below some recommended websites for travel and tourism information.

If people have specific queries or special requests please do not hesitate to ask. If we do not know the answers we will get our tourism teachers/students on to the task of finding out for you.

We have now added all our updates (emails and attachments) to our school website You will find this Global Connections link on the right hand side of our homepage under the heading 'Welcome to Rangitoto College'.

Kind regards,

David Hodge